Window Cleaning Services for your Home

Your windows will be professional cleaned, allowing you to enjoy the magnificent surrounding views of Queenstown. Both the inside and outside of your windows will get special attention from our friendly, trustworthy and professional staff.  Imagine all those hard to reach windows that will be sparkling clean as we clear all those cobweb build ups as well!  All of our biodegradable cleaning solutions are safe on your windows and its surrounding woodwork. Dust, mould and hard water staining are cleaned from your window surfaces.


Choose a regular window maintenance schedule that is suitable for you and your home:


Monthly/Bi-Monthly - Homes that are close to  either main roads,  dusty roads or  construction sites  require this regular window cleaning service. This is a must for those who prefer attention to details and to keep their windows in the best conditions.

Quarterly – The most popular choice for our loyal customers. This service keeps your home looking fresh and bright every season of the year. It prevents dirt building up on your windows and leaves nothing to obscure your view.

Spring/Autumn – This twice a year service is necessary to maintain the overall appearance of your home. This bi-annual routine is essential for any home, in order to preserve and protect the windows from the unwanted build up of contaminates which are left unchecked and can potentially stain the glass and its surrounding framework.


Our window cleaning specialists can take care of all your window cleaning needs:


- High rise windows
- Skylights
- Storm windows
- Sunporches
- French doors
- Glass deck and stair rails
- Mirrors


Call us now on 0800 788439 to book for one of our window cleaning specialists to inspect your windows and provide an individual recommendation for you.